About Us

Welcome to Firstbraket (P) Limited

The leading website development company in India, based on Kolkata

Who Are We

Firstbraket is an IT farm for ambitious people keen to stretch their intellectual abilities and advance the frontiers of knowledge.

Firstbraket blows a challenge in the field of its kind to make IT is easy now. ” Is there any who will take it?”. We create a vibrant multi cultural corporate community enabling people to transform their lives by participating in excellent innovative products.

Our Mission

The future of World Wide Web is of crucial importance for business, communications, health and also Logistics. A world without web is almost unimaginable yet we can not predict its preservation, future shape or performance. Firstbraket is introducing an innovative thought of web based application which will make secure the future and present. Its hi-tech thought is speeder than your imagination.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



Discovering the root problems to solve and reduce your Daily Hiccups.

Problems and Hiccups are at the center of almost every Business. Whether those problems are for a client (internal or external), we are supporting those who are solving problems. 



Defining the actual problem is our KRA (Key Responsible Area).

The key to a good problem definition is ensuring that you deal with the real problem – not its symptoms. Where you might think the problem is with the individuals submitting work. But Not.



Designing prototype products that can be used to reveal customers’ needs.

And preferences and spark new ideas. creating products incorporating trend research that anticipate and fulfill customers’ Requirement.



Development Life Cycle known as SDLC is followed during developing the software for client.

So client also can participate on the restructure sequence of the software. And top of that we are following the Agile methodology.



Deployment is the ‘post-sales-process’ of guiding a client from purchase to use.

This includes requirements analysis, scope analysis, customization, systems integrations, user policies, user training and delivery.



Delivering the final Product, where getting quality software out the door is never easy.

But we are delivering the product as clients’ want. Even better than that in Technology aspect.


Why Choose Us?

We create a vibrant multi cultural corporate community enabling people to transform their lives by participating in excellent innovative products.

We are providing best quality design

We are available 24X7 to support in the form of live chat support, email support and even call support.

We are providing Result oriented Project to almost 30+ Industries.

We are a award wining support team, who are here in your support.

We are sounds to design your project with minimum cost and with Huge Return on Investment

We are experienced of 12+ years and few of our associates are in the industry more that 25+ years.

Some Numbers

Here some of the numbers telling About Us

Satisfied Clients
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